miércoles, 22 de julio de 2009

Trauko book and video

Today while reading this article on La Tercera I found out a new chilean comic book is soon to be released. This book is a homeage to the now extinct Trauk0 magazine, that really blew my mind at the end of the eighties. Through this magazine I knew the works of european masters Moebius and Manara, and local stars like Felva, Yoyo, Karto, Lautaro, to name some of them.

Good thing is that through this article I knew that together with the book, there's a documentary about Trauk0 magazine in production. This video is authored by chilean cinema director Rodrigo Araya, who had the chance to interview, camcorder in hand, key people that worked on the magazine. In fact, you can see some teasers here, here and here.
This documentary is soon to be released, check his blog to see more updated info.



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German dijo...

Excelente! que bueno es ver nuevos trabajos nacionales, leí el Arauco libro 1 y esta bien interesante... algo caro eso si.

Historietologo dijo...

Dr. Von Byte, I run a latin american comix research blog, posting interviews with authors from all over, including Chile. I interviewed Felva from Trauko among others, and it will soon be on the site. Hope my work can be of some interest to you,