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Kyle Cooper

Kyle Cooper is the most praised designer of title sequences ("credits") of the last years. His work has often been compared with the works of Saul Bass.

Kyle started working on film title sequences by 1989 ("New York Stories", Woody Allen, 1989), and his most recognizable works are the title sequences for:

"Quiz Show", Robert Redford, 1994 (ending titles, uncredited).
"Brave Heart", Mel Gibson, 1995.
"Se7en", David Fincher, 1995.
"Twister", Jan de Bont, 1996.
"Mission: Impossible", Brian de Palma, 1996.
"The Island of Dr. Moreau", John Frankenheimer, 1996.
"Donnie Brasco", Mike Newell, 1997.
"Mimic", Guillermo del Toro, 1997.
"Flubber", Les Mayfield, 1997.
"Arlington Road", Mark Pellington, 1999.
"The Mummy", Stephen Sommers, 1999 (uncredited).
"Spider-Man", Sam Raimi, 2002.
"Dreamcatcher", Lawrence Kasdan, 2003.
"Spider-Man 2", Sam Raimi, 2004.
"Wimbledon", Richard Loncraine, 2004.
"Superman Returns", Bryan Singer, 2006.
"Spider-Man 3", Sam Raimi, 2007.

Kyle worked at R/Greenberg Associates, but left to create production company Imaginary Forces, and later left IF to create Prologue Films. Kyle at the time has directed only one movie feature, "New Port South" (2001), that was a box office flop.

The Marvel Comics "Flip book" logo featured at the beginnig of movies based on Marvel characters (Spider-man, Blade, X-Men, Fantastic Four...) was created by Kyle.

Some directors avoid working with Kyle, calling him "the guy who makes title sequences better than the movie."





Marvel Logo Cinema
title sequence in Se7en
Great Opening Titles Part 2: Mimic
Kyle Cooper and Garrick Hamm: Part 1
Kyle Cooper and Garrick Hamm: Part 2

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