viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Linn LM-1

The LM-1 was the first drum machine that used samples of acoustic drums. It was manufactured by Linn Electronics Inc. at the beginning of the 80s.
The LM-1 was conceived by Roger Linn, a guitarist that was not satisfied with the sound of the rhythm machines of the time. Linn knew how to program using BASIC and assembly language, and that came pretty handy for the machine's developement.

The LM-1 features a 13-channel mixer, and 12 8-bit samples of real drum sounds: kick, snare, hi-hat, cabassa, tambourine, 2 toms, 2 congas, cowbell, clave, and handclap. On the other hand, it lacked of cymbal sounds, because of the high costs of long sounds at the time.

The successor of the LM-1 was the LinnDrum LM-2.
The first customers to buy the LM-1 were Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac.

Notable songs that featured the Linn LM-1:

'Dirty Laundry' by Don Henley
'Thriller' by Michael Jackson
'Maneater' by Hall & Oates
'I want to break free' by Queen
'1999' by Prince
'Oh Sheila' by Ready for the World
'Don't you want me' by Human League
'Part time lover' by Stevie Wonder


Photo Credits:

'Maneater' by Hall & Oates
'I want to break free' by Queen
'Thriller' by Michael Jackson

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