martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008

Taito SJ rom swap: success! Part II

Last friday I burned the Jungle Hunt romset on 19 eproms (It takes 20, but 19 was all I had at the time). I bought some EPROMS on Ebay a month ago, but I still haven't received them (Damn local Customs, they take years to process my shipments!).
Plugged the 19 eproms on my bootleg Elevator Action and the game launches! No sound though, probably because of the missing eprom.

Taito SJ games that won't run using this method are:

* Alpine Ski (protected).
* Bio Attack (Game launches, but resets after losing a life)
* Elevator Action (Requires security board).
* Front Line (Requires security board).
* Wild Western (Requires different layer PROM).

Next step, do the same thing with Jungle King, and later with Space Cruiser.
And of course, post all info gathered while playing with this board.

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